All local and municipal elections will be postponed until at least May 1st due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Governor Henry McMaster

Press Conference, 3/15/2020

As a community we have a choice that would affect the way we are served by our local fire protection services. This decision will affect insurance costs, taxes and response times – all things that are important for our quality of life.

On March 24th, a decision will be made by citizens within the Gaffney fire protection area as to whether or not to increase the fire millage cap from 12 mills to 16 mills for the purpose of providing funds for The Gaffney Fire Protection Area.
A YES vote means ISO ratings remain low because of proximity to paid fire departments – this has an impact in keeping insurance premiums low for residential and industrial properties.

A NO vote has the potential to increase ISO ratings depending upon where your fire protection services may be coming from.

A YES vote will increase your millage from 12 to 16– $16 a year for a 100,000 home

A NO vote will leave your fire taxes unchanged.


Let’s take a quick look at a map of our area. The colored portion shows the boundaries of the Gaffney fire protection areas and indicates the areas served by which City of Gaffney fire stations.

A YES vote will mean that fire protection services will continue to be provided by a paid 24 hr a day fire department.

A NO vote means uncertainty regarding who will be providing fire services due to outlying fire departments being assigned to your area. This can affect where your fire protection services come from and could impact response times to your property.

A YES vote would guarantee continued fire protection as it is currently provided and a fixed fire tax millage rate for the next 10 years.

A NO vote means an uncertain timeline for fire protection services.


March 24th, you have the power to steer the future of our local area. Please consider all these critical and important facts as you make your upcoming vote.


*Official Ballot
“May the Gaffney Fire Protection Area raise its millage cap from 12 mills to 16 mills for the purpose of providing funds for purchasing additional needed equipment for the Gaffney Fire Protection Area, providing funds for the increased operating expenses of the Gaffney Fire Protection Area, and drefraying other expenses incurred by the Gaffney Fire Protection Area in providing fire protection services within the Gaffney Fire Protection Area?”